Being a Surgeon: The Ten Commandments

Being a Surgeon: The Ten Commandments


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‘Being a Surgeon' is a heartfelt exploration of surgical discipline. It is intended to help surgeons and other stakeholders around the world make a difference in the care of surgical patients. It would serve trainees and training programs, and help improve the culture and practices of surgery. The book invites surgical trainees and preceptors to fight the onslaught of institutionalized dehumanization in medicine. It calls to delve into the full, holistic complexity of the surgical discipline by exploring and cultivating every facet of the surgeon's role. It centers round author's experiences as a surgeon battling to salvage patient life, dignity, and wellbeing in difficult and challenging environments. These experiences are held up as examples for surgeon's young and old to learn from, providing key principles. The Ten Commandments are based on cardinal, ethical and surgical maxims that invite surgeons, to discuss triangle of medical professionalism, primacy of patient welfare, the duty of care, reflective practice, value judgments, conflict of interest, patient advocacy, justice, and much more. This book will guide new surgeons and practitioners as they develop and refine their sense of professionalism and ethics. It will be invaluable to preceptors as they create methods of mentorship that nurture and support young practitioners by teaching them to cultivate their moral sense. Surgery is a union of science and compassion. The book will inspire anyone dreaming of becoming a surgeon and providing compassionate, quality surgical care. Being a Surgeon will help you gain valuable insights to the true holistic approach to patient care.



Being a Surgeon: The Ten Commandments