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Table of Contents

  • Opening Chapter: Transforming Teaching & Learning in Higher Education: A Collection of Stories
  • Section 1: Core Work of The Network of Quality, Teaching & Learning and Partnerships in Action
  • Chapter 1: From a Pilot Project to Strategy: Transformational Journey of Blended and Digital Learning
  • Chapter 2: Higher Education Academy Fellowships and their Role in Creating an Institutional Culture of Reward and Recognition for Teaching and Leadership
  • Chapter 3: Insights on Developing and Implementing a Faculty Orientation on Teaching and Learning Programme
  • Chapter 4: From Educators to Teaching Champions – A Sustainable Model for Faculty Development
  • Chapter 5: Partnership in Action: A Case Study of SONAM East Africa and the Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning (QTL_net)
  • Section 2: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Chapter 6: A Bibliometric Analysis of The Aga Khan University Contribution to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Chapter 7: Initiating Outcome Based Education Reform in Nursing – Experience from The Aga Khan University School of Nursing & Midwifery, Pakistan
  • Chapter 8: Revolutionizing Nursing Education: The Power of Simulation Based Education
  • Chapter 9: Peer Assisted Learning for Student Engagement at The Aga Khan University Medical College
  • Chapter 10: Enhancing Clinical Learning during COVID-19 with Virtual Simulation
  • Section 3: Faculty- Led Localised Interventions
  • Chapter 11: Transforming Community Health Nursing Curriculum through Simulation
  • Chapter 12: Authentic, Humanistic and Remote Assessment in a Nursing Course at The Aga Khan University, Pakistan
  • Chapter 13: Healthcare Research Workshops in Developing Countries: A Peer-led Model
  • Chapter 14: Transfer of Learning: Lessons Learnt from the Design, Facilitation, and Evaluation of a Faculty Development Course
  • Closing Chapter: Reflections and the Way Forward

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Transforming teaching & learning in higher education: Stories of impact from the Aga Khan University