Rivals: A novel

Rivals: A novel


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At Karachi's prestigious Avicenna Hospital, the hostility between Dr Tanya Shah and Doctor Hammad Khan towards each other is hard to miss. With very different styles, the only similarity being excellence in their field, Tanya and Hammad have been rivals from the time they were med students. But the fight to outdo each other at school is nothing compared to the battle to the death which will ensue when they both go up for the top job at Avicenna.
From the pen of a leading neurologist comes a heartstopping medical thriller about sexual politics, class, and the business of medicine set against a backdrop of one of the most violent cities in the world.

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Bloomsbury Publishing




Medical fiction, chief, trauma, OR, foreshadow, kickoff, rascals, checkmate, tightrope

Rivals: A novel