Subfertility: Recent advances for management and prevention

Subfertility: Recent advances for management and prevention


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With the increased prevalence of subfertility (any form of reduced fertility with prolonged time of unwanted non-conception) and the number of subfertile patients turning to assisted reproductive clinics for help, Subfertility: Recent Advances for Management and Prevention is a much-needed resource for today's health care providers. Written by doctors with extensive expertise in the areas of reproductive physiology and endocrinology, it provides a description of the methods for achieving conception, an overview of the causes of subfertility and how to detect them, a review of the psychological impact of subfertility, guidelines for the treatment of subfertility, and a look at assisted reproductive technologies"--Publisher's description

Table of Contents

Anatomy and embryology of male and female reproductive systems -- Reproductive endocrine physiology -- Reproductive cycle -- Ovarian reserve -- Introduction to subfertility -- Impact of subfertility -- Polycystic ovary syndrome and subfertility -- Endometriosis and subfertility -- Thyroid imbalance and subfertility -- Pituitary disorders and subfertility -- Oxidative stress and oocyte microenvironment -- Assisted reproductive techniques -- Way forward.

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Anatomy, embryology, congenital abnormalities, internal genitalia, external genitalia, genital, Urogenital, reproductive

Subfertility: Recent advances for management and prevention