MEDJACK: The extraordinary journey of an ordinary hack

MEDJACK: The extraordinary journey of an ordinary hack


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Based on our experience of founding a healthcare innovation/incubation hub, Medjack is about clever ways of hacking healthcare and biomedical problems to create sustainable solutions. We bring you the distillation of over a decade of multi-disciplinary experience at the Aga Khan University, a premier academic healthcare institution with global recognition. Although dedicated primarily to students interested in low cost healthcare-related innovation and entrepreneurship, delving further will reveal the general principles for solving systemic problems around innovation that exist in every organisation. You can learn to change mindsets from academic to entrepreneurial reliance, from systemic to individual efforts (or vice versa) and from grant funding to seed funding by involving investors. Incidentally, you can also learn how to build and maintain a healthcare-centric innovation/incubation hub using Jugaar (low cost and frugal) means. Medjack is different from other books in this space - it tries to get across a certain innovation ethos through multiple, simple case studies. If you're passionate about embedding innovative, creative and entrepreneurial thinking into your healthcare (or other) organisation's DNA, at very low (or no) cost, then this book is for you!

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Nonfiction, medical administration, wellbeing, healthcare, biomedical problems, innovation, entrepreneurship

MEDJACK: The extraordinary journey of an ordinary hack