Mathematics education and language diversity: The 21st ICMI study

Mathematics education and language diversity: The 21st ICMI study


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This book examines multiple facets of language diversity and mathematics education. It features renowned authors from around the world and explores the learning and teaching of mathematics in contexts that include multilingual classrooms, indigenous education, teacher education, blind and deaf learners, new media and tertiary education. Each chapter draws on research from two or more countries to illustrate important research findings, theoretical developments and practical strategies.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: An ICMI Study on Language Diversity in Mathematics Education
  2. Impact of Differing Grammatical Structures in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  3. Making Use of Multiple (Non-shared) First Languages: State of and Need for Research and Development in the European Language Context
  4. Mathematics Education in Multilingual Contexts for the Indigenous Population in Latin America
  5. Challenges and Opportunities for Second Language Learners in Undergraduate Mathematics
  6. Language Diversity in Mathematics Teacher Education: Challenges Across Three Countries
  7. Addressing Multi-language Diversity in Mathematics Teacher Education Programs
  8. Mathematics in the Hands of Deaf Learners and Blind Learners: Visual–Gestural–Somatic Means of Doing and Expressing Mathematics
  9. Student Agency and Counter-Narratives in Diverse Multilingual Mathematics Classrooms: Challenging Deficit Perspectives
  10. Tensions in Teaching Mathematics in Contexts of Language Diversity
  11. Purposefully Relating Multilingual Registers: Building Theory and Teaching Strategies for Bilingual Learners Based on an Integration of Three Traditions
  12. Using ICTs to Facilitate Multilingual Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  13. Language Diversity and New Media: Issues of Multimodality and Performance
  14. Language Diversity in Research on Language Diversity in Mathematics Education
  15. Research Rationalities and the Construction of the Deficient Multilingual Mathematics Learner
  16. Correction to: Mathematics Education and Language Diversity

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Indigenous learners in Latin America, language diversity in mathematics Education, mathematics education in Europe, mathematics teacher education programs, mathematics for blind learners, mathematics for deaf learners, open access, learning and instruction

Mathematics education and language diversity: The 21st ICMI study