Safe anaesthesia in resource-limited situations

Safe anaesthesia in resource-limited situations


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In the extensive field of medicine, Anaesthesiology has established itself as an essential, life-saving specialty. Multiple states of the art textbooks and guidelines are available on the subject of anesthesiology. However, reports from resource-limited healthcare settings keep highlighting the enormous burden of morbidity and mortality related to less-than-ideal anesthesia services. This book describes the management of patients for anaesthesiologists working in such circumstances and striving to provide safe and effective care. Provision of examples of typically encountered cases has led to a comprehensive coverage of the topic. Description of the management options available in the developed world enhances the usefulness of the information provided since available healthcare facilities within the same country may differ vastly.

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Chronic pain syndrome, anaesthesia, obstetric analgesia, pain management, resource-limited situations

Safe anaesthesia in resource-limited situations