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This book is about the development of one institution and its developmental work in education in South and Central Asia and in East Africa: The Institute for Educational Development (IED) at the Aga Khan University (AKU) in Karachi, Pakistan.

It's a product of the 10 years of development. It had been hoped to complete it for the 10-year celebrations, but as with other aspects of the IED, it kept on growing. This volume tries to provide an account of development from a number of perspectives, such as historical, chronological, issues-based and honestly critical.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sadrudin Pardhan & Dennis Thiessen. The establishment of Aga Khan University – Institute for Educational Development - Chapter 2: Richard Pring. IED and the university partnership: The Oxford experience - Chapter 3: Fauzia Shamim & Anjum Halai. Developing professional development teachers - Chapter 4: Barbara Jaworski, Bernadette L. Dean & Rana Hussain. Subject studies in teacher education - Chapter 5: Bernadette L. Dean. Creating a critical mass: The visiting teacher programme - Chapter 6: Muhammad Memon, Firdousali Lalwani & Rakhshinda Meher. Mentoring as an alternative approach to in-service teacher education in Balochistan: Some successes and challenges - Chapter 7: Jane Rarieya & Fred Tukahirwa. Continuing professional development and the relevance of the IED model in East Africa - Chapter 8: Gulgunchamo Naimova. Professional development and school improvement in Central Asia - Chapter 9: Muhammad Memon, Tim Simkins, Charles Sisum & Zubeda Bana. Developing leadership and management capacity for school improvement - Chapter 10: Anil Khamis & Shahida Jawed. Teacher education and school improvement: A case study from Pakistan - Chapter 11: Yasmeen Bano & Sultan Mahmud Bhuiyan. School improvement: A case from Bangladesh - Chapter 12: Gulzar Kanji & Takbir Ali. School improvement: A case from the Northern Areas in Pakistan - Chapter 13: Razia Fakir Mohammed. Problems of teachers’ re-entry in schools after in-service education - Chapter 14: Tashmin Kassam-Khamis & Sadia Muzzafar Bhutta. Affecting schools through a health education initiative - Chapter 15: Iffat Farah & Nelofer Halai. The teaching of research in a teacher education programme - Chapter 16: Iffat Farah & Barbara Jaworski. Key themes and issues in educational development: A critical perspective on the IED model - List of Acronyms - Notes on Contributors.

Publication Information

Symposium Books, Oxford, 2006


Oxford Studies in Comparative Education




Education, Educational development, School improvement, Teacher education

Partnerships in educational development