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Impact: Making a difference


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


As Professional Development Teachers (PDTs), we have been working in the government sector for the last several years to improve the profile of Mathematics teachers within the sector. Our experience of the Professional Development of teachers suggests that working in the government sector is not an easy task. However, neither is it an impossible one. The government’s system faces varied challenges in tackling the professional development needs of teachers. The most important one is the capacity of the professional staff to undertake this mammoth job. Secondly, there is a strong need to change the perceptions of policymakers to consider the professional development in the continuum rather than one singular event. This requires a strong support structure to conduct the Professional Development activities in an ongoing manner. Through our paper, we would like to outline our experiences to present how we have become engaged in the processes of developing Mathematics teachers within the government sector and what are the challenges that we are facing in continuing our efforts to take these efforts further. It is also very important to mention that the Mathematics Association of Pakistan (MAP) has remained very responsive to our ongoing professional needs to carry forward our responsibilities within the government sector.