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Conference Paper

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Quality in education: Teaching and leadership in challenging times


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


Quality is at the heart of education and teachers play crucial role to provide quality education. This belief encourages us to state that the quality in education depends on teachers’ role, which set scenario for the students. Every teacher has his / her own impact on his / her students. But what is it that enables the teachers to have the greatest impact? In this context there are several professional development programmes offered for the teachers in different parts of the world to build capacity of teachers so they can better serve the needs of the growing population. This paper attempts to share some of the experiences, acquired during implementation and monitoring the programme. The data provides evidences as how professional development cropped up as a result of these courses through mentors’ reflective journals, portfolios, classroom observations, group work, discussions and presentations. This paper specifically highlights the changes that took place in the school culture and pedagogical content knowledge due to the continuous guidance and support from the tutors and District Co-coordinators (DCs) through follow-up process and close monitoring system.