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Conference Paper

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2nd International Conference on Business, Economics & Education Management ICBEM 2018

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Sukkur, Pakistan.




Sukkur-IBA University


International Conference on Business, Economics & Education Management

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ICBEM 2018


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Sukkur-IBA University.




Role of competent teachers is fundamental in improving quality of education, therefore we find more organized and rigorous teacher education programs in those countries which have better quality of education. Quality teachers can be produced from quality pre-service teacher education programs. In Pakistan, raising teachers’ status and competency received a remarkable attention for the last two decades. There has been consistent emphasis on improving quality of teacher education almost in all the National Education Policies in Pakistan. And this emphasis was translated into various reforms and development initiatives such the initiation of B.Ed. (Hons.) and ADE programs. Although due to various causes the targets have not been achieved most of the time, however the need for improvement has been continuously highlighted and solutions have always been proposed. Similar guidelines for the improvement of teacher education are provided in both of the recent National Education policies of Pakistan 2009 and 2017. However this time, one of the obstacles before the initiatives of the policies, especially the new teacher education programs is the provincial autonomy. For example, the new teacher induction policy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is in direct contradiction with the recommendations of the national education policies and international standards of teachers. This paper attempts to raise various critiqued questions on the new teacher induction policy of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, specifically on the fact that the policy has eliminated the requirement of professional educational degrees for all teaching posts. This new induction policy is most likely to create imbalance in the education system by devaluing pre-service teacher education programs in the province. Resultantly, the struggles for raising the quality of education will remain fractional. Therefore, in order to effectively materialize the reforms of quality education, the KP’s government needs to revise this induction policy and give weightage to pre-service teacher education degrees (B.Ed. Hons & ADE). Because these professional teacher education degree holders have the competency to improve the quality of classroom learning along with overall education system.


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