Education in Global Health Radiology

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Book Chapter



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Radiology in Global Health


Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology (East Africa)


Springer, Cham


Switzerland AG


Radiologists and radiology professionals have noted the gaps in diagnostic and interventional imaging access worldwide as documented by the World Health Organization. Since global health focuses on issues that transcend national boundaries, emphasizes solutions that often require global cooperation, and is multidisciplinary, then the concept of radiology education in global health should consider this broader context of international partnership and collaboration. There are several models in place for education in the global health setting with emphasis on radiology. This chapter discusses faculty exchanges, scholarly collaboration, partnership, formal education, online education as a tool, integration of global health concepts into radiology curricula, and socially responsible collaboration. Regardless of the type of model used, educational goals and objectives should be based on initial assessment data and address the appropriate needs. Curricula should be established in partnership with all stakeholders and with consideration for ethical best practices, continuous evaluation and improvement of the program, and open communication among stakeholders.