Beware! the yellow brick road lieth in that which is not what could be

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Book Chapter




Azra Ahmed, Mehnaz Hanzala, Faiza Saleem, Greame Cane

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ELT in a changing world: Innovative approaches to new challenges


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Newcastle upon Tyne


To claim that the world is changing at the speed of light would be an exaggeration, but amazingly enough not too much of an exaggeration. As change becomes our one constant, we in education have become intrepid explores of new frontiers-of internationalisation of education, of innovative pedagogy. There appears to be some unspoken understanding that true innovation means moving forward, confronting new challenges, finding new solutions. This paper focuses on offering an alternate perspective of what innovative pedagogy constitutes where teaching and learning are seen as linked organic realities. It draws on data from a small-scale descriptive study which sought to investigate teachers` understanding of teaching and learning and factors that may influence it. The study had as its centre of focus, six English language teachers working in Pakistan`s higher education sector, and use a Phenomenographic approach to investigate the three research questions. The finding of the study, arrived at through employing a hermeneutic data analysis framework, support the stance being taken in this paper that innovative pedagogy and teaching and learning require understanding how individuals think and the influence of the collective within the individual, and as such have to do with what is rather than what could or should be.