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Conference Paper

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Impact: Making a difference


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


After graduating from the AKU-IED in 1998, I worked as the head teacher of a secondary school and am now working as the Program Officer with a team of PDTs for various schools. In both the roles, I got enough opportunities to work for programme development, teacher education and school improvement. I got opportunities to work in the school as a part of the school staff and I also got a chance to work for the schools as a part of the resource team. Based on the reflection of these experiences, I have drawn some lessons for school-based teacher educators. The lessons describe what knowledge, skills and attitude facilitate teacher educators in the field. My reflective paper will briefly describe the nature of my work in the field and the 12 lessons learnt. Each lesson will have a description of its importance with anecdotes and examples from my own experiences. At the end, the paper will also describe some recommendation for Teacher Education Institutes, especially for the AKU-IED for designing teacher education programmes.