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Conference Paper

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Quality Mathematics Education for All

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The Africa Regional Congress of ICMI on Mathematical Education (AFRICME 5)


Office of the Provost; Institute for Educational Development, East Africa

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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Dar es Saaam


This paper reports on teachers’ practice regarding Assessment for Learning (AfL) mathematics in a study where AfL pedagogy was used to improve the quality of teaching. It draws on a multi-country research project entitled ‘Assessment for Learning in Africa’ that aimed to generate knowledge about how to develop and sustain teacher capacity in integration and use of assessment for improving learning in mathematics in challenging educational settings such as those in Tanzania. While AfL has the potential to significantly impact on improving student learning outcomes, there is a policy blind spot in international development on teachers’ assessment in particular in low-income countries. Results showed that teachers’ had developed contextually relevant approaches to assessment for learning. However, certain structural barriers in the classroom environment hindered the potential of AfL in the classroom.

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