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Sharing global classrooms: An International experience

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Inquiry into practice: Learning and teaching global matters in local classrooms


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi




David Montemurro, Mira Gambhir, Mark Evans, and Kathryn Broad


Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto




Fourteen teacher candidates from the Initial Teacher Education program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education completed an international internship in May 2012 in one of the following destinations: Costa Rica, India, and Uganda-Rwanda. Prior to beginning their internship abroad, they met as a group for four preparatory classes. Upon returning they were expected to design and deliver a unit of study in local classrooms based on their field experiences. This inquiry examined the perspectives of the teacher candidates in terms of the meaning and value and the personal and professional impact of this international internship experience. One key finding was the importance of experiential understanding of global issues, even for participants who were very knowledgeable about these issues.


This work was published before the author (Sarfaroz Niyozov) joined Aga Khan University.