Authentic assessment : An approach to enhance and assess students’ learning

Sher Azim, Aga Khan University, Professional Development Centre, Chitral


This paper underscores the process of using Authentic Assessment (AA) not only as a tool to assess learning but also as an approach to enhance learning in a school in the context of Pakistan. Data was collected through classroom observations, conducting interviews, analyzing relevant documents and maintaining person reflective diary. Findings indicate that AA helped in enhancing students’ learning such as knowledge about the noise pollution, planning, developing interview questions, interviewing people, preparing posters, giving presentation and responding to audience question. The study also revealed that in AA the student’s role changed from a passive test taker to an active participant in the process of assessment. For example, they identified issue, found out solution, presented it to the community and also took part in the assessment of their own performance through self-assessment. The teacher’s role during AA changed as a facilitator.

Moreover, the study indicates that developing of observation checklists, criteria rubric and sharing it with students beforehand helps the student to improve their work and get desirable results.