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The volume discusses notions of pluralism and its specific relevance to Muslim societies. Current popular and academic discussions tend to make certain assumptions regarding Islam and its lack of compatibility with notions of pluralism. Some notable liberal thinkers have even argued that pluralism itself is inherently antithetical to Islam.

These assumptions are challenged by discussing the broad spectrum of relevance and application of the notion of pluralism to modern day societies, examining securalism, multiculturalism, democracy, globalisation and the pivotal role of civil society.

Table of Contents

Part One: Theoretical Frameworks;
1. Introduction: Theoretical Approaches to Cultural Diversity, Abdou Filali-Ansary;

Part Two: The Heritage: Historical Contexts;
2. Pluralism in Muslim Societies, Aziz Al-Azmeh;
3. The Public & the Private in Middle Eastern History and Society, Sami Zubaida;
4. Civil Society & Conflict Management: Bangladesh's Experiences, Amena Mohsin;

Part Three: Contemporary Thought;
5. Pluralism & Liberalism in Contemporary Islamic Thought, Ridwan Al-Sayyid;
6. Democracy, Pluralism & Political Islam, Adel Daher;
7. Islam, Conflict & Democracy, Akeel Bilgrami;
8. The Diversity of Cultures in The Crucible Of Globalisation, Nur Yalman;

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Publication Information

Aga Khan University-ISMC; Edinburgh University Press, 2009


Exploring Muslim Contexts




9780748639694, 9780748639694


Cultural pluralism in Islam, Islamic civilization, Muslims Social conditions, Exploring Muslim contexts

Volume 1: The Challenge of Pluralism : Paradigms from Muslim Contexts