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Scholars are increasingly recognising the centrality of the Indian Ocean in the study of Muslim cultures.

This volume explores the expanding and changing roles of these Muslim communities across the Indian Ocean World from the seventh century to the mediaeval period to the present day. The book goes beyond the usual focus on geographical sub-regions to highlight different aspects of interconnectivity in relation to Islam. By analysing textual and material evidence, the fifteen papers in this volume examine identities and diasporas, manuscripts and literature, as well as vernacular and religious architecture. It explores the networks and movements of peoples, ideas and ideologies, as well as art, culture, religion and heritage.

Key Features:

  • Highlights the centrality of Muslim cultures in understanding interconnectivity across the Indian Ocean
  • Explores the role of Islam in forming and transforming global interactions and local agencies across the Indian Ocean
  • Offers intra-Muslim perceptions of beliefs, practices and activities, both religious and other
  • Presents 15 case studies across Ethiopia, Gujarat, Java, Kerala, the Malay-Indonesian archipelago, Maldives, Oman, Tanzania, Zanzibar and the Persianate cultural zone

Publication Information

Aga Khan University-ISMC; Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2023


Exploring Muslim Contexts






Indian Ocean, Muslim cultures, Interconnectivity

Volume 10: Muslim cultures of the Indian Ocean : diversity and pluralism, past and present