Understanding the selected data analysis skills in science of grade VII students engaged in inquiry lessons

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Master of Education (MEd)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The Purpose of this study is to understand how selected data analysis skills are used by Grade VII science students engaged in inquiry-based teaching. The research site in Jubilee Rise (Pseudonym) private school of Karachi. I used a set of three inquiry-based learning activities undertaken in the form of three lessons to help understand the seven selected data analysis skills in the science students. These skills include skills of identifying relevant science concepts from the activity being demonstrated, identifying the procedure that is being followed, predicting what will happen if the procedure is followed, giving a reason for the phenomena at hand, applying previously learnt concepts, suggesting a solution for the "problem" at hand, articulating a conclusion. Data was collected through video recording of the three lessons and by maintaining field notes. The findings show that overall; students made better identification of concept, identifying the procedure, and predicting the process. However, it was seen that while applying previously learnt concepts they manifested a number of misconceptions regarding heat and temperature. Only two students were able to use the skill of suggesting a solution for the "problem" at hand and articulating a conclusion during the inquiry activities. The student showed some improvement in some skills during the three lessons because the praise and encouragement offered to students during this process enhanced their confidence. Secondly, group work helped in collaborative learning by sharing ideas and arguing with the peers led to sharpening of some skills. Additionally, the analyses suggest that teacher should have a pedagogical content knowledge, which helps in reducing misconceptions in students and fulfilling the lacking analysis skills in students during inquiry approach. This study also found that inquiry is an innovative approach for teaching and learning science that could help to understand data analysis skills in students.

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