What makes a community-based school good in terms of practices involvement and participation?

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study was a case study of a community-based school (CBS) identified as an example of good practice' in terms of community participation. The study looks at the stakeholders' perceptions about community participation. This study aimed to find out the specific practices and community participation that helped make this CBS a good school. The findings of the study show that all stakeholders have positive attitudes towards the school. In particular, there is a general belief among the parents, community, managing board, teachers and students that this school is functioning according to its aims and objectives. The study indicates the types of support and strategies that are used to gain community support. The findings of the study identify factors responsible for the school's success. These were found to be; community participation/ support in terms of financial, material and physical support and teacher's commitment to achieve academic excellence. The study reveals strategies that enhance community participation in the school. These are; open door policy, mutual relationship between the school and the community, and shared decision making during annual general body meetings. The study indicates some of the challenges which the school faces and presents recommendations to strengthen the existing partnership in order to maintain quality in the school's practices.

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