Exploring the role of electronic media in augmenting oral communication skills: Acase study of secondary level students in the context of District Shikarpur

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The Electronic Media (TV Channels) plays a vital role in development including political educational, economic and cultural with the potential of having an influential role in the lives of children as they are pervasive, accessible and attended to by children of all ages. The powerful forces of the electronic media, the dearth of reading among youths and the educational potential of the electronic media necessitates that research be undertaken between the dynamics of English Language learning and enhancing Oral Communication Skills and the electronic media. This study attempted to explore the role of electronic media (TV channels) in augmenting Oral Communication Skills of English language of grade 8 students in a government secondary school Shikarpur, Pakistan. It also explored how media has helped learners’ enhancement of Oral Communication Skills of the English language. Multiple case study strategy with different data sources and data collection methods explored and elaborated the role of electronic media for enhancing Oral Communication Skills of English. This study has come up with some findings which provides bases for the discussion of learners’ perceptions and opportunities in the use of electronic media for enhancing oral communication skills. The findings show that there was improvement not only in fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and style of English but also confidence and knowledge in students who watch electronic media. The findings also explain some challenges which hinder the usage of media for enhancing the oral communication skills of the students of secondary school in the rural context of Pakistan. Based on the findings of the study, some recommendations have been put forward for policy and practice. Furthermore, the findings of the study can be used for future research.

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