Exploring the connection between teacher leadership and students classroom participation in a private higher secondary school in Karachi

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Teacher leadership is beneficial in achieving desirable educational goals for students, so it is important for teachers to grow as leaders in the school and in the classroom. Teachers must love their career in order to pass enthusiasm, to assist and to provide a warm environment to the students in the school. There is less literature available regarding the relationship between teacher leadership and students' learning outcomes, especially students' participation in the classroom, like class discussion, debate and asking questions. Therefore, this study was carried out to explore the effect of teacher leadership on the classroom participation of students. The purpose of this research was to provide a platform for discussion on crucial issues related to teacher leadership practices, and its implications in the classroom participation of students to enhance the learning outcomes of students. Qualitative approach was used in the study. Various methods were used for data collection, like focused group discussion, semi-structured interview, classroom observation and informal discussion. There were eleven participants in the study, i.e. a school principal, two teachers, and eight students. This study was expected to contribute to the body of knowledge on teacher leadership and its implications for teaching and learning process in the classroom. The findings of the study showed that through building the self-esteem of students and by making good relationship with the students, the teacher-leader could enhance students' classroom participation. The findings also identify that the teacher-leader could act as a counselor and facilitator for students and encourage them during classroom participation. Pedagogical knowledge and teacher-leader's sense of humor were also found as predictors for the enhancement of students' classroom participation. Moreover, it was also found that through proper classroom management and giving individual attention to the students, the teacher-leader could enhance students' classroom participation. The teacher-leader also enhances students' classroom participation through making group of students and sharing responsibilities among the teachers and students. In future, it would also be interesting to study how various teacher leadership practices account for students' learning at school.

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