The importance of a middle leaders support for teachers in implementation of the curriculum in primary classes

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study sought to explore a middle leader's support for teachers in the implementation of curriculum in primary classes at a Karachi based school in Pakistan. Selection of this study is based on my own experience as a teacher and the existing literature of leadership, which emphasizes the importance of middle leaders' role in teaching and learning processes in schools. The Qualitative case study approach was used to understand the leadership support process of a middle leader from an Academic Coordinator's perspective in the school context. Findings of the study showed that the middle leader plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining the nature and quality of students' learning experiences. However, a leader's performance is influenced by the circumstances in which the leader works. The Middle leader provides a direction to the group members and helps them in achieving the set goals of the team by developing positive relationships, maintaining sound communication patterns among the group members, role modelling, and guiding the team. Middle leader uses various means/strategies such as classroom observations, informal discussion with teachers, interaction with students and checking students' assessment sheets to monitor the teaching and learning process in the school. Teaching and learning strategies used by the middle leader to support teachers are also similar to the studies of middle leadership in the developed world. Moreover, the leader's familiarity with the school context, collegial culture and definite administrative and academic structure of the school were found as supporting factors for the middle leader. However, at times, teachers' own competencies and monitoring of experienced colleagues was seen to be challenging factors for the middle leader. Furthermore, this study has drawn some implications for me as a professional development teacher and for my research participant as a middle leader. It also drew implications for school in general in the context of Pakistan. This study also recommends: exploration of a middle leader's role in strengthening teamwork; role of the middle leader in private sector; and a comparative study of different middle leaders in a school context.

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