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To yield information regarding the prevalence of anxiety and depression among medical students in Islamabad and to emphasize on the need of psychological and mental well being of medical students.Methods: This is a cross-sectional study done at Shifa College of Medicine. A questionnaire was administered to 361 students who were present at the time of distribution and were consented. The instrument used to assess anxiety and depression level was the Aga khan University Anxiety and Depression Scale (AKUADS). The data collected was tabulated and analyzed using SPS v. 16.Results: Out of a total of 500 students in a five year MBBS program at Shifa College of Medicine, 402 students were present at the time of the survey out of which, 361 students agreed to participate. The response rate was 89.8%. According to the AKUADS, 39.6% of students were found to have anxiety and depression. Among them, 28.1 % were males and 49.5% were females. Hence, anxiety and depression was more prevalent among females. First year medical students were found to have more anxiety and depression (52.6%) as compared to the rest.Conclusion: Anxiety and Depression is widely seen among medical students. This study highlights the graveness of the situation, and the need for trained psychiatrists to deal with this enormous disease burden. There is a further need to explore the factors that influence anxiety and depression among medical students and its impact on students’ academic performance.

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