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The purpose of this survey is to check the concept of Interprofessional education (IPE) to continuing education among working physicians.It assessed 150 randomly selected working physicians of the Aga Khan University Hospital. One -best type questionnaire was designed and piloted to check its completion within 90 seconds.Four quick questions were dedicated at C1 & C2 level focused to check the knowledge and understanding of the physicians to IPE. The results showed 100% response rate. Majority (i.e. > 80%) of the respondents were familiar with the term IPE.The next three items tested physicians understanding regarding the IPE ability to improve communication, teamwork, healthcare coordination and quality (n=69 i.e. 46%); impact of IPE on patient-centered care and physician care (n=89 i.e. 59%); and its contextual understanding (n=40 i.e. 27%). The studyis subject to desirability bias and more overa single university setting restricts the generalizability of the results.The conclusion will alert the CME providers within Pakistan to address physicians’cognitive gaps in this innovative interdisciplinary model.There is no other study of its kind in the Pakistani contextand hence is of high interest.

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