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To find out the average length of stay, the rate of I/V catheter cellulites, the rate of bed sores among patients in stroke centre and determine the mortality rates. Methodology: This is a descriptive study, carried out at a tertiary care hospital over the period of six months. Data was analyzed by SPSS version 15.0. Result: Total numbers of patients were 36 from January 1 to June 30, 2007 at Stroke Center Liaquat National Hospital. The mean length of stay was 8.17 ±5.81 days. Patients had cellulitis (intravenous) 97.2%, only 2.8% of patients did not develop. The rate of bed sore was 41.7%. Conclusion: By effective implementation of the Management Information System (MIS) in health care delivery system we can find patients clinical issues and can reduce their length of stay.

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