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Glue sniffing neuropathy commonly known as n-hexane neuropathy. It is well documented that industrial exposure to n-hexane causes neuropathy, however it is less well recognized that inhalation of n-hexane present in the vapors can also cause neuropathy However such patients are not seen that frequently. The acute worsening also generates differential diagnosis of GBS. Most of literature is reported from west .We report such case for the first time from Saudi Arabia. A 35 year old male presented to us with progressive numbness followed by weakness in both legs since last three weeks. Over next two week he became chair bound and in the beginning of third week he also stated to feel numbness in both the hands and some weakness was also noted in hands. His past history was significant for carpet cleaning glue sniffing for many years. His exam was significant for distal weakness feet greater than hands, deep tendon reflexes were absent all over. All sensory modalities showed glove and stocking pattern. Nerve conduction velocities showed slowing. His CSF exam was normal. We conclude that n-hexane is neurotoxic when inhaled to excess and, that the neuropathy has characteristic electrophysiological and pathological features.

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