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Background and Objectives:

Hepatitis infection may raise the incidence of stroke and other cerebrovascular abnormalities, according to several studies. However, its association is controversial. This review looked to compile the most recent research on the relationship between HBV and HCV, atherosclerosis, and stroke.

Methods:This article reviews the literature on the connection between hepatitis B and C viruses with stroke and atherosclerosis. The search included articles from PubMed, PakMediNet, and Google Scholar, as well as a Medline search using specific keywords and MeSH terms. A total of 2655 articles were identified. Out of these 2655 articles we identified 134 articles in English for review. These 134 articles comprised of original studies, individual case studies, and retrospective cohorts. The review included original research, individual case reports, and retrospective cohorts published after 1990. Studies addressing co-infection with HIV were excluded.

Results:After the screening, many articles were selected which included several topics of discussion under the said heading. The studies were closely examined to gather pertinent information relevant to the review's objectives. Most of the literature emphasized the link between chronic hepatitis and the risk of stroke.

Conclusion: Although current evidence does tilt the scale in favor of hepatitis-causing cerebrovascular disease, this review study has some limitations, such as the lack of prospective cohorts and limited evidence for the natural history of hepatitis patients in relation to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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