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Background and Objective:

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative neurological condition that affects a large number of individuals worldwide. One of the common non-motor symptoms associated with this disease is depression, which can pose challenges for both patients and their caregivers. The main objective of this research was to determine the frequency of depression among patients with Parkinson disease.

Methods:This was a cross-sectional study that was conducted in Karachi, Pakistan, between March 26, 2022, and September 30, 2022. Male and female patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease according to the UK Parkinson's Disease Society Brain Bank Clinical Diagnostic Criteria, who were receiving either outpatient or inpatient care at two medical facilities, Neuro Clinic and Falij care center, Karachi and Darul Sehat Hospital, Karachi, were evaluated for depression using the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. The collected data were analyzed statistically, using the SPSS version.

Results:According to the results of the study, 100 Parkinson's disease patients were included, out of which 81 individuals were identified as experiencing depression while the rest showed no signs of depression. Among those suffering from depression, 35 individuals were found to have mild depression, 52 had moderate depression, and 13 individuals had severe depression.

Conclusion:The study concluded that depression is a common non-motor symptom among Parkinson's disease patients, with a substantial number of patients having mild to moderate depression.

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