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To study the relationship among self-concept, self- affirmation and psychological distress in females having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

In this correlational study one hundred patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome participated with age ranging from 21-40 years. Self-Concept questionnaire, self-Affirmation scale, and Kessler psychological distress scale were used to collect data

The results of this study revealed that negative-self-concept has significantly positive relationship with psychological distress. Multiple regression revealed that positive self-concept negatively predicted psychological distress in females having polycystic ovarian disease. Independent sample t=test revealed that psychological distress is more in married women (M= 32.96, SD=8.60) as compared to single women (M=28.12, SD, 8.14).

It was concluded that negative self-concept has positive association with psychological distress while self-affirmation is negatively correlated with psychological distress.

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