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Autoimmune and paraneoplastic encephalitides are a group of neurologic disorders that present with cognitive decline, neuropsychiatric symptoms, movement disorders, or seizures. These diseases can present before, with, or after the diagnosis of malignancy. We report two cases of GABA-B encephalitis from Pakistan. The first patient was a 67-year-old gentleman presented with cognitive decline and neuropsychiatric symptoms. His CSF analysis showed increased protein levels and GABA-B receptor antibodies. He was treated with pulse steroids, which improved his symptoms. The second patient was a 34-year-old lady with cognitive decline and psychomotor symptoms. Her serum autoimmune antibody panel showed antibodies against GABA-B receptors. She was treated with pulse steroids followed by plasma exchange, but did not improve. A low threshold should be kept for testing for autoimmune and paraneoplastic encephalitides because they are potentially treatable.

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