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Dengue fever has been infecting millions of people all around the world specially the rural areas of South East Asia according to World Health Organization. It is caused by an Arbovirus and transmitted by the bite of an infected female Aedes aegyptii mosquito. Dengue commonly presents with fever and thrombocytopenia; rare presentations include acute pancreatitis, dengue hemorrhagic stroke and encephalopathy. Common psychiatric complications of dengue fever include anxiety, depression, manic episodes and catatonia. We present a rare case of a 51 year old man who presented with an acute episode of psychosis including over talkativeness, irritability, authoritative and disinhibited behavior, suspiciousness, over familiarity, self important ideas and loss of sleep 15 days following dengue fever. Rapid resolution of symptoms was seen with low dose anti-psychotics and patient fully recovered over a follow up period of 2 months. Literature on psychosis following dengue fever is sporadic with very few publications. Every patient coming from those areas where dengue is endemic and presenting with acute onset of psychotic disorder followed by fever should be screened for dengue. Early recognition is important for appropriate treatment and family counseling about the likely temporary nature of the patient’s symptoms.

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