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BACKGROUND: Music and calmness are noteworthy stimulators that significantly affect mental health. Listening to relaxing sounds activates the feeling of wellbeing. The present study aimed to analyze the effect of closed eyes brief exposure to a relaxing water sound on Electroencephalogram (EEG) in pre and post-test states. METHODOLOGY: A total of 20 traumatic stress subjects were included to participate in this study. The subjects were requested to be seated with eyes closed while the sound of water flowing was played for 15 min in between (before and after) the EEG recordings. A subsection of the Sadaf Stress Scale (SSS) i.e. traumatic stress scale was used to assess the traumatic stress and muse (SCR_014418) monitor headband was utilized for EEG evaluation i.e. Alpha waves, Beta waves, Theta waves & Delta waves. RESULTS: Significantly increased theta wave & alpha waves were found after the listening of relaxing water sound in the eyes-closed state. While no significant change was observed in beta & delta waves. Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that exposure to the sound of water flowing quietly significantly generates alteration in brain waves. Although, the applied stimulators were for a brief period changes in frequencies suggest if applied for a longer period it could generate a relaxation state.

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