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Aim: Spasticity is a cardinal symptom of upper motor neuron disorders. It affects different individuals differently.

Spasticity in the hip adductor muscles can be very painful and may result in postural abnormalities and hip deformities

that interfere with walking, transferring and perineal hygiene. The study aimed to assess the effectiveness of phenol

obturator nerve block on hip adductor spasticity caused by the upper motor neuron lesions.

Materials and methods: This is a single-centre retrospective study of all patients with known spasticity in the hip

adductors who were assessed suitable for phenol nerve block of the obturator nerve. All patients had Modified

Ashworth Scale (MAS) and the distance between the right and left femoral condyles measured in the supine position

with the hip and knee flexed called as intercondylar distance (ICD) recorded before the procedure, 6 weeks and 24

weeks after phenol nerve block. Nonparametric Friedman test of differences among repeated measures was

conducted from data at 0, 6 and 24 weeks.

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