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Diabetic hemichorea/hemiballism is a spectrum of hyper kinetic, involuntary, irregular, purposeless, non-rhythmic, rapid and unsustained movements flowing from one part of the body to another. It involves contra lateral basal-ganglia and often striatum of the brain. Here we are reporting an un-usual case of choreiform movement disorder which was sudden in onset. It was accompanied with abnormally high values of blood glucose. Our patient had a complete remission of symptoms after an adequate control of blood glucose was achieved. This case illustrates the importance and rarity of hyperglycemia as a rare cause of hemichorea. It recovers rapidly and has a good prognosis. Screening for hyperglycemia even in those patients without a prior history of diabetes is very important, once they present with an involuntary movement disorder. Recognition and early treatment is beneficial to prevent adverse outcomes. Today, in the medical literature it is often referred to as C-H-BG (chorea, hyperglycemia, basal ganglia) syndrome.

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