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This is a case of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) as a rare complication of varicella Zoster infection. A young male with no significant medical history presented with generalized tonic clonic seizures preceded by vesicular rash on the face diagnosed as Varicella zoster infection. The MRI showed bilaterial superficial hemorrhagic infarcts involving frontal and temporal lobes and MR Venogram was consistent with extensive CVST involving superioir sagittal, right transverse and superficial veins. After initial treatment with antiepileptic and anticoagulant, he showed marked improvement in symptomatology and made complete recovery subsequently with recanalization of sinuses seen on a follow up MRV done at fourth month. Our case emphasizes on having a high suspicion of Varicella Zoster infection in patient who presents with CVST with an underlying ongoing Rash or a prior history of recent body Rash.

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