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Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder known and studied about from time to time is a sleep disorder characterized by a combination of myriad of symptoms including excessive day time sleepiness with recurrent irresistible sleep attacks , hypnogogic hallucinations ,hypnopompic hallucinations ,sleep paralysis and cataplexy (sudden and bilateral loss of muscle tone.1 Narcolepsy may present it self long with cataplexy or without cataplexy. The pathogenesis behind narcolepsy is found to be due to degeneration of hypocretin/orexin secreting neurones in the central nervous system due to disorder of human leukocyte antigen DQB1*0602.Narcolepsy is a deblitating disorder which causes intense functional impairment and hampers quality of life. Diagnosing narcolepsy can be challenging with help from clinical signs and symptoms , serum hypocretin/orexin levels and certain laboratory sleep tests . A definative cure for narcolepsy is not known , but pharmacological therapy with certain lifestyle changes are the main options.

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