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We report case of a 16 year old girl with no known co-morbidities, presented with headache, quadriparesis and sudden vision loss. She had pallor and BMI was 33.09kg/m2. She had left 6th nerve palsy, bilateral papilledema and no perception of light. Motor examination showed power of 4/5 in all four limbs with bilateral extensor plantars. Neuroimaging was suggestive of superior saggital sinus thrombosis. CSF opening pressure was 72 cm of water.20 ml CSF was drained leading to improvement in headache and visual acuity. CVST presenting with quadriparesis and visual loss is a rare entity. Common presentations of CVST include headache, seizures, focal neurological deficit and altered conscious level. In our case risk factors for CVST like anemia and high body mass index (BMI) were present, but presenting clinical features were unusual. CVST is treatable so early diagnosis and knowledge of whole spectrum of clinical presentation is of extreme importance.

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