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Fahr syndrome is an idiopathic deposition of calcium in the basal ganglia (most commonly in the Globus pallidus) of the brain; other most common sites may include striatum pallidum. It can have a wide variety of presentations like progressive psychosis, dementia, movement disorders, gait disturbances or it can also be asymptomatic. Department of Neuro-medicine Hyderabad admitted this 28 year old male first. And then was referred to us in the department of Neuro-medicine JPMC Karachi. He is a known case of epilepsy for 8 years, who now presented with the complaint of fever, fits, and altered sensorium for 3 days. The CT scan of his brain showed hyperdense areas, bilateral symmetrical extensive basal and cerebral calcifications. CSF examination of the patient showed unremarkable results. On further examinations, it was found he also had Rhabdomyolysis and Hypoparathyroidism. It is unusual to have an association of Fahr syndrome with Rhabdomyolysis and Hypoparathyroidism. Our case report describes the unique behavior of this syndrome.

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