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Behavioral problems among children with epilepsy is one of the most common problem. Severity of the problem ranges from 16% to 77% as compared to 9% in the general pediatric population. Such a huge variation in the results reflects probable difference in the methodology. Structured interviews that include parents, children and clinician’s reports have identified a higher rate of behavioral problems when compared to self-report instruments. Higher rates are reported in clinical samples recruited from tertiary care medical centers, where they have a lot of referrals from the peripheral small units. Most researchers agree that children with epilepsy have three to nine times higher risk of behavioral problems as compared to healthy controls and children with non neurological disorders. We searched pub med with key words epilepsy in children (41061), psychological problems in children (13523) and psychological problems in children with epilepsy (240). Out of these 240 articles, 35 were selected for reviewed. This review article reflects that if we look into our local experience, perhaps we are also facing the same kind of spectrum in terms of behavioral problems in children with epilepsy.

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