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Good quality and enough sleep are necessary for the proper cognitive performance of medical students. There is a wide prevalence of sleep disturbances among Pakistani medical students and there is a need to spread awareness regarding the problems concerning sleep patterns. OBJECTIVE: To determine the quality of sleep among first and final year medical students. METHODOLOGY: It’s a cross sectional study conducted at Services Institute of Medical College Lahore from the 10th May to 15th June 2016.A total of 300 Male and female medical students of first and final year were administered PSQI and their socio-demographic profile along with academic performance was noted. The results were collected and analyzed in SPSS ver.21.0. RESULTS: Of the 300 students approached,63.67% were females and 36.33% were males. Overall, PSQI score >5 (indicating poor sleep quality) was found to be 64.7%. The mean PSQI score among first year males was 7.68 with a standard deviation of 3.95 and among females was 7.47 with a standard deviation of 3.02. On the other hand, the mean PSQI score among final year males was found to be 6.97 with a standard deviation of 3.86 and among final year females was 5.65 with a standard deviation of 1.40. 69.7% of the males and 61.8% of the females were classified as poor sleepers.

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