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Guilain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is a common cause of Neuro-muscular paralysis with a spectrum of clinical and electrophysiology variants. We present a case of thePharyneo-cervico-brachial type. A 25 yr old male came to the Medical OPD with the complains of one day history of upper limb weakness and decreased flexion of the neck , which was progressively worsening, along-with associated shortness of breath. His systemic inquiry and past medical/surgical histories were insignificant. Physical exam correlated withthe diagnostic criteria of PCB variant of GBS. Diagnosis was confirmed on EMG/NCS,which showed axonal neuropathy involving axillay and musculocutaneousnerve, along with absent F –waves latencies inleft median nerve. He showed significant improvement in his weakness over a course of 12 days. Such a case has not been reported to the best of our knowledgefrom our part of world, as of yet.

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