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Becker Disease is an autosomal recessive version of the rare congenital disorder called Myotonia Congenita. Due to the rarity of Becker Disease, the genetic and pathological basis of this disease have not been studied well and possible diagnostic methods and techniques are yet to be explored. The existing method of diagnosis of such a case is predominantly dependent on the clinical examination. More work and studies need to be done on the diagnostic aspect of this disease to discover newer diagnostic methods for this disease, which are more reliable and specific. In order to develop better diagnostic methods for the disease, more cases of Becker disease need to be reported, with details of clinical and structural abnormalities. Here, we present the case report of a seven year old boy who has a history and clinical findings suggestive of Becker disease. Identification of this and similar cases of Becker disease can help us better understand this disease and hopefully one day help us develop a treatment for it.

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