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The aim of this survey was to determine the levels of awareness regarding symptoms, warning signs and risk factors of stroke in patients with stroke. For the latter purpose, a total of 500 participants who had stroke were recruited from four different hospitals of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Patients who were already diagnosed by physicians with either type of stroke (haemorrhagic and ischemic) were included in this trial. Data was collected through a questionnaire and was analysed in SPSS version 20. Both male and female population were included in this study. The minimum age for the patients to be included was 40-year. A total of 229 males and 271 females with a mean age 54.4± 13.4 year participated in this cross sectional survey. More than half of the population (58%) included in this survey were non-smokers. Majority (47%) of the participants were unaware of their Cholesterol level. A small proportion of population (19%) were involved in doing one or other kind of physical activity on daily basis. A major proportion of population (65%) were not aware about the sign, symptom and risk factors of stroke. A small number of the patients (20%) were aware of how to manage their daily activities independently. All participants were actively involved in the rehabilitation programme and were either receiving physiotherapy at the hospitals or continuing exercises at home. Based on the findings this survey it can be concluded that a big proportion of patients with stroke are not aware of the signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with stroke.

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