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To know about surgical outcome of benign intracranial hypertension in terms of improvement of vision.METHODOLOGY ; This Prospective observational study was conducted at of 22 patients operated in neurosurgery unit lady reading hospital Peshawar from Jan 2011 to Jun2014. Written consent was obtained from all the patients or their relatives All patients of either age and sex with Diagnosed cases of BIH were included in the study, Patients with depressed conscious level, malignant hypertension, space occupying lesion in brain on MRI and those Patients unfit or unwilling for surgery were excluded from the study. Patients particulars like age ,gender , and post operative outcome was documented on predesigned proforma . All the results were analyzed by spss version 16 and represented in the form o graphs/charts and tables. RESULTS;- Total 22 patients of BIH were studied which were all females (100%) having age range of 18 to 58 years with mean of 38 ± 5 years SD. Headache was present in all (100%) patients followed by visual deterioration having 20(90.90%) cases. CSF manometery showed opening pressure from 28cm of H2O to 50 cm of H2O, with mean of 39. 19. Post operatively headache improved in 16(72%) patients, Papilledema in 18(81.81%) caseswhile 4(18%) patients did not improved. In 2(9.09%) cases there was and CSF leak was in 1(4.54%) case.CONCLUSION; BIH has good surgical outcome in terms of improvement in vision, if managed before advanced stage of Papilledema

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