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Neurosarcoidosis is a granulomatous disorder considered to be a great imitator. We report a case of young lady who presented with gradual onset flexed posturing of fingers of left hand for four years, followed by similar pattern of weakness involving the right hand for three years along with slipping of slippers for one year. Neurologic examination showed distal wasting & weakness in upper limbs with normal jerks and sensory impairment in gloves and stocking distribution. On skin examination there were hypopigmented macules over face, neck and back. Electro diagnostic studies showed sensory motor axonal polyneuropathy, while skin biopsy reported as naked noncaseating granulomas suggestive of sarcoidosis. No such case reported yet in Pakistan with sarcoidperipheral polyneuropathy and rare hypopigmented form of Sarcoidosis without pulmonary involvement.

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