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Stroke is a common neurological disorder, leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Intra cerebral hemorrhage comprises of 10-15% of all strokes but associated with high risk of morbidity and mortality than cerebral infraction .The ICH Score is a good prognostic tool calculated very easily, when it is used to predict 30 day morality. Objective:To determine the validity of Intracerebral hemorrhagic score in predicting prognosis (adverse outcome or death) in patients of hemorrhagic stroke.Material&Methods:This case series study was carried out at department of medicine Liaquat medical University Hospital Jamshoro and Hyderabad from June 16th 2012 to December 15th 2012.Eighty nine 89 patients were enrolled in the study, non-probability consecutive sampling technique was applied and data was collected after inclusion and exclusion criteria and structured proforma were designed for study.Results: Out of 89 patients 56 (62.9%) were male and mean age of the patients in our study was 65.14 years .In 32(36%) patients ICH score was ≥ 3 while 57 (64%) patients had ICH score was < 3. Out of total 32 patients who had ICH score ≥ 3, Adverse outcome i.e. death occurred in 25 (78.12%) patients and males were 16(80%) and 9(75%) were female patients.Conclusion: Frequency of adverse outcome (death) was found in 28.1% while ICH score predicted adverse outcome (death) in 36.1%. ICH score correctly predicted 77.77% adverse outcome, therefore we can conclude that ICH score is useful scale to predict mortality in patients suffering from intracerebral hemorrhage.

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