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To ascertain the spectrum of different neurological disorders presenting at a tertiary care neurology clinic in Peshawar, Pakistan. Method: A prospective observational study was conducted of all presentations to the neurology clinic in Northwest General Hospital and Research Center, over a period of one year extending from 1st February, 2013 to 31st January, 2014. Study population included 9386 patients from the neurology clinic over the period of one year. The age distribution of all patients was variable; the youngest patient seen was 1 year old while the oldest was 92 years of age. Appropriate history and neurological examination was conducted by consultant neurologist and classified patients into neurological diseases according to the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10) codes for neurology. Statistical analyses were carried out using the software SPSS version 11 and qualitative variables were presented as percentages. Results: A total of 9386 patients were examined and classified into different neurological disorders according to the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10) codes for neurology. Headache was the most common presentation (24%), followed by Cerebrovascular diseases (22%) and Epilepsies (17%). Conclusion: Headache was the most commonclinical presentation for neurology consultation followed by Cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) and epilepsy respectively. Almost all the categories of neurological disorders i.e. Inflammatory, Infective, Neoplastic and Degenerative Diseases were seen in the outpatient neurology clinic.

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