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Vascular dementia is a common condition for which there is no effective approved pharmacological treatment available. Absence of effective treatment creates a difficult situation for those suffering from the disease, their caregivers, and healthcare providers. The objective of this study is todetermine the Efficacy of Memantine on cognitive functions in patients with Moderate vascular dementia.

Material and methods:
This Case series study was carried out inthe Neurology Section of department of Medicine Ziauddin University and Hospitals North Nazimabad campus, Karachifrom 12th March 2010 to 11th March 2011.90 patients were included, who fulfilled the inclusion criteria after taking an informed consent. The SPSS version 11 was applied to the data.

There were 55 (59.1%) males and 38 (40.9%) females. Mean ± standard deviation age 69.7 ± 6.6 years, mean duration of symptoms was 1.76 ± 1.1 years. Baseline minimental examination score was 15.14 ± 3.1. Minimental score after 24 weeks of drug therapy was 17.14 ± 4.1. Efficiency was found in 62 (66.7%) patients.

Memantine produced only a small benefit in cognition (of uncertain clinical significance) in patients with moderate vascular dementia. Data is insufficient to support widespread use of this drug in vascular dementia. Individual patient analysis is needed to identify subgroups of patients with vascular dementia who might benefit.